Certification Requirements

Individuals who desire to become a Certified Backflow Prevention Device Tester by the Bluegrass Cross Connection Prevention Association (BGCCPA) are required to successfully complete an approved forty (40) hour certification class of classroom and practical training.

After successfully completing an approved forty (40) hour certification class, the prospective BGCCPA member/tester must submit a copy of their completion certificate/card, submit certification fees online at BGCCPA’s website, and provide a current mailing address, email address, and contact telephone number. Upon receipt of the above information, BGCCPA will recognize the individual as a BGCCPA Certified Backflow Prevention Device Tester.

Backflow Prevention Device Testers who are certified by other agencies (other states, districts etc.) may be granted certification by BGCCPA through reciprocity. Reciprocity will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Contact the BGCCPA for reciprocity requirements. For a list of BGCCPA approved instructors, click here.

Recertification requirements include membership and certification fees paid in full, and a minimum of twelve (12) continuing education units (CEU’s) earned within the Member’s certification period. This training will qualify the tester as certified for the next certification period. BGCCPA will offer at least one six (6) hour certification training conference each year of the certification period. Each six (6) hour certification training conference offers up-to-date training for cross-connection prevention and will provide the member with six (6) hours of continuing education. The members may choose any two conferences to attend and obtain their 12 hours of required training. Online registration for all training is required and must be received by the date listed on the training notice. Walk-ins will not be accepted. Registration fees must be paid on-line at the Association’s website. Any training not provided by the Association’s Education Committee must be approved at least 30 days in advance of the training.

Individuals who desire to become a BGCCPA approved instructor for backflow prevention device testing must have their resume/biography, training curriculum, and agenda approved by BGCCPA’s Education Committee.

The Bluegrass Cross Connection Prevention Association (BGCCPA) is a certifying organization recognized by Kentucky American Water Company and its associated companies, as well as other municipal water utilities, and is recognized and approved throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky. BGCCPA’s certification also may be recognized and approved by various surrounding states. Contact these respective states for any additional requirements.

** It is the responsibility of each BGCCPA Certified Tester to confirm water purveyors testing requirements **